Thursday, January 6, 2011

Go, Cultural Artifacts, Go!

By Barry Johnson

This is not a college football blog. We don't actually "analyze" how the local teams are doing, will do or have done here. We don't root for anyone in particular. In general, we've reached the conclusion that big-time collegiate sports are probably harmful to the proper aims of a university. Take a tenth of the money and give it to intramural/physical education activities and give the rest to the Classics department, and then you'd have a real university!


We do love the cultural artifacts created around the teams. The cheers, the body painting, the songs, the tailgating tradition. Sometimes we permit ourselves to think that these manifestations make the whole thing worth it somehow, though maybe that's just an excuse to root for the Ducks against Auburn next week. Anyway, here's a cultural artifact that most Duck fans have undoubtedly seen, but the rest of us maybe not so much. The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show's creation of a rock power ballad for the Ducks, with power pop balladeer supreme Sebastian Bach at the controls:

So good in so many ways!

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Karen said...

Nice, Barry! Love it.