Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The importance of the blogroll to the order of the universe

Arts Dispatch has finally added a blogroll to the right-hand column of the blog. We aren't bragging... we are apologizing. Because, really, the network of local culture blogs can play a crucial role in directing attention to the wrestle of our artists (of whatever stripe) with the universe at large. And that confrontation, creation as commentary/commentary as creation, has the possibility of changing us and the culture we share for the better, unlike most of what passes for "national culture."

Who tracks that? Well, we try to at Arts Dispatch. And fortunately for all concerned, others are on the case, too: Lisa Radon at Ultrapdx, Bob Hicks/Laura Grimes/Martha Ullman West at Art Scatter, Charles Noble at Noble Viola, the host of art writers at PORT led by Jeff Jahn, and many others. We're going to be linking to other sites of cultural interest in coming days, but we wanted to start with the blogger crew. And if we left out any of your favorites (or YOU, for that matter), please let us know: We'll add you to the list.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Thanks for sticking us on the blogroll, Mr. Dispatch! United we stand, divided we end up sort of like Alaska, trying to get a peek at Russia through the fog.

Mr. Scatter