Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A quick note: We are working, honest we are

Two-eared seal sunbathes at the Berlin Zoo. Photo by Adamantios/Wikimedia
Arts Dispatch may seem to be in the throes of a work stoppage. Au contraire. We are working on some Big Posts that are proving to be Difficult Posts to Write. One will attempt to apply the principles in Christopher Alexander's "The Oregon Experiment" to the problem of arts facilities in Portland. Another is focusing on Oregon Shakespeare Festival's "American Revolutions" series, which I think is just about as ambitious an undertaking as I can imagine right now. Not the post, silly, the series of 37 plays that OSF is commissioning.

If we can't get one of these untwisted enough to post today, we'll return tomorrow with something a bit more manageable and maybe even timely.

Talk to you soon.


PDXsays said...

If you must post tantalizing teasers to the OSF, a link! A link, Sir, so that we might satisfy the illusion of immediate gratification.

Suzi Steffen said...

Barry! First, the American Revolutions bit — really looking forward to it & the comments sure to follow.

Second, BABYSEAL — unfair work stoppage over here as we go to Cuteness Overload in an attempt to find a dueling cute.

Finally, I think you're allowed a day off to ruminate every once in a while. But then, I work for a weekly. ;)